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#I secretly rate every action packed film 0-the mummy

Every once in a great while, I will tell somebody “You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.”

…And then I’ll be sad, because they have no idea what I’m talking about. 

I only gamble with my life, never my money.

The Mummy fandom on Tumblr is hella strong

What up mummy fandom I didn’t know existed! Loved this movie. Need to watch it again.

I quote “You’re on the wrong side of the river” constantly.

I’m going to grad school soon to be a librarian and I can’t wait to get drunk and quote all of Evy’s lines.

I’m an archaeology student and I recently re-watched this and the instant they made it clear that it was set in the 1920s I was completely cool with everything about it because archaeology in the 1920s was mostly drinking and blowing things up.

archaeology in the 1920s was mostly drinking and blowing things up

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So I have been writing and thought you all deserved a sneak peek!

Here is a short little excerpt from what I have been writing these last few weeks. I don’t know if it’s going to be a short story or a full length book yet. Details Details. But if you like what you read here let me know and also stay tuned on my new wordpress blog: for more! 

    He held my throat in a huge meaty fist. Slowly squeezing. I futilely swatted at his upper body with my free hands and kicked at his knees with my dangling legs. . Crap, this was going to get ugly before it got better. Of course my weird mutant power never works when I actually need it; only pops up when it’s inconvenient. Just as that cynical thought crossed my mind my right hand slowly began to spark and glow. I smiled and was rewarded with a momentarily confused look from the man holding me suspended in the air.  All the hair on his arms was standing on end. I touched his chest with my glowing blue hand. There was an audible buzz and the giant dropped to the ground writhing and panting in pain. I smiled ruefully as I rubbed my throat. It wasn’t often a target got the drop on me but I would heal quickly. Inhumanly fast some would say.

            “Gabe!” I spun around at the voice but instantly relaxed my stance when I saw Aylen. She’s exactly what you would expect if you pictured a Native American goddess. Tall, Brunette, breathtakingly beautiful. She’s also my best friend, co-owner in our PI business and a skin walker. Yep, a Skin walker. She says her most comfortable animal form is a coyote but she can literally turn into any animal she pleases. As you can imagine this makes her an invaluable part of the team. As for me, other than a freak of nature, I have no idea what I am. My powers started emerging two years ago, on my twenty-first birthday. It started with the speed healing and soon after I was shooting electricity out of my right hand at the most embarrassing moments.  I thought I was going crazy for a long time until I met Aylen.  She introduced me to the supernatural world and gave me a place to search for answers.  

            Well now that I have told you my whole sad life story let’s get back to the giant problem at hand.  Literally, a giant. This was probably the biggest case I have ever taken on if you are counting sheer size of the bounty. The massive man currently laying on the filthy warehouse floor, seeing birds twirling around his head is William “Big Bill” Burke an Irish enforcer wanted for assault, rape and murder.  He began to moan and twitch on the floor as he came around. I shrugged and gave him another zap to a not so pleasant place. He convulsed and whimpered but stayed down. Good Boy. Can’t have him dangling me off the floor again now can we. My lip curled as I stared down at him. What? He’s a rapist and a murderer he deserved special treatment. 

I think with Jared and I, we knew right away it wasn’t going to work if we didn’t get along. The first season, I forget what episode it was, but we got heated on set and got in each other’s face and I mean, we went toe to toe. There were no fists thrown or anything like that, and he ended up taking a walk down the street and cooler heads prevailed, and when we got back to our trailers, I knocked on his door and sat down and I was like listen man, that can never happen again because if that’s the road we choose to go down, we are going to be living a different life. And it wasn’t just me, he was like actually on the same wavelength, like I’m glad you came by, I need to get this off my chest, we need to come together if we are going to make this show work, because we’re gonna be spending way too much time together to not have a friendship. And that’s the last fight we’ve ever had.

Jensen Ackles in an interview for Fandom At The Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships (p.220)


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